We know how to act on your vision.

Our Process & Strategy

Knowing what you want to build can be exciting and a little intimidating. You saw a need, so you came up with an idea…and you know it will be a success. But how do you deliver this product to your customer base? We can get you there. But first, you need a strategy.

So, what is Genius Trends’ role in all of this? We will:

  • Help establish your project goals
  • Explore your potential customer base
  • See what’s out there already:  what do we like, what can be improved?
  • Identify ways that your product will be unique
  • Develop and Execute the plan to make your project a success

Cross Platform Experience

first_contentEveryone loves a cool mobile app. But what if there could be more? Our knowledge and experience with software development across all platforms, from smartphone to tablet to personal computer, will make your product one that is integrated fully into your users’ daily lives.


Design UI/UX


The first and most crucial step is setting a foundation for design by getting to know you and what you’re trying to accomplish. Hearing your ideas firsthand puts us into your mindset and helps us discover your passion and ideas. Through this phase we truly learn what you want to do and how you intend to reach your customers.


Ideation & Exploration
Sharing in your excitement gets our imagination going. In classic “brainstorming” fashion, we work with you to bring every inspiration, every thought to the table and generate lots more in the process. We identify the best ideas and save the others just in case. We narrow our focus and then open it up again.


Wireframes & Storyboards
With refined design concepts in hand, we help you see the potential with storyboard modeling of the final product. Our wireframe layouts begin to show you how your product will look and feel in the hands of your user.


Visual Design & Illustration
Once we are comfortable with the flow and functionality of the design, we turn to the true aesthetics of the application. With the wireframe schematics as its base, we apply the graphics and “visual candy” that bring appeal and optimize the user experience.


Introspection & Iteration
We are our own worst critics...and that’s a great thing. We maintain objectiveness throughout the process--even with the finish line in sight--and the flexibility to adjust and redo what we feel doesn’t work. We take your feedback to heart and revisit every aspect of the project until we know we are putting out something awesome that users will love.


Great design is nothing but a dream if it can’t be executed. We balance artistry with accurate and concise code writing to create products that are beautiful and powerful. Our commitment to excellence in software development boils down to these five tenets:

  • Fully understand and identify with the project before we begin.
  • Build a product that our clients can be proud of.
  • Write code that is logical and precise.
  • Keep it simple, for it may change later on.
  • Take ownership of the product, from startup to completion.

Tools Used

With our diverse team of specialists, we are well equipped to write code for your intended platform. From Objective C for Apple products to Java for Droid, from the simplicity of HTML to the intricacy of jQuery, we know which programming technology suits your project best. And we know how to use it.

Mobile Apps

A small screen doesn’t mean small scale. With a portfolio of work that includes projects in the commercial, social media, communications, and charity sectors, our experience in mobile app development is widespread. We are prepared to handle any type of project, no matter what industry you hail from.

Web Apps

The omnipresence of the modern web browser across all platforms means the opportunity for your product to be usable almost anywhere. We create web applications that are simple and accessible, bringing your product to your users, wherever they may be.

One on One

Let's Talk!

The best way to start a project is by just talking with us. We will leverage our experience with your current needs and will try to come up with the best solution for your project.

Mobile Apps

Mobile devices are increasingly utilized to access content and interact with brands. So, it is critical that you have a well-designed and solidly executed mobile experience. Our team provides clients with brand consistency through and throughout customized mobile websites and applications.

Web Apps

In addition to mobile applications, users are increasingly accustomed to interacting with websites as though they’re native applications. We understand the needs and expectations for the user experience and design simple interfaces for complex web applications that help users do more with less.


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