You have ideas, but where to begin? We have honed our methodology to expedite even the most complex project, giving you the confidence you need and a course of action to kick off.

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Our 5 Step Process

Sometimes the hardest part about starting is knowing where to begin. That’s where we come in. From your project’s very inception, our team will help you organize your ideas and work with you to develop a solid plan for advancing your product. Welcome to it.



Whether you’re a long time app developer or a newbie to the world of mobile computing, establishing a solid strategy is a must at the start every project. Before we design anything, we sit down with you to refine your goals, identify your target user, and check out your competition. We make sure, too, that we fully understand your ideas so we can determine the right tools to make your product a success.



This is where things get real. Once we have a firm grasp of your product’s intended look, feel, and functionality, we begin to bring your ideas to life through a series of schematics and wireframes. Serving as a digital blueprint of sorts, these are the visual guide that lay out the plan for each page of your app. Here we study content hierarchy, user interaction, and navigational elements. Our hand drawn sketches evolve into hardlined digital plans that explore the application’s structure and design, ever-adapting to the most crucial driver of the project: your feedback.


User Experience Design

Just as your experience in developing your projects with us is crucial to our success, so too is the experience of your own clients, better known as your product’s users. We understand that the user experience is what can truly make or break the growth and popularity of an application. Through our diligent quality assurance procedures and tireless software testing, we put ourselves in the user’s seat, ensuring smooth, pleasant, and intuitive interaction with your product.


UI - Look & Feel

When we know it works, we know it’s time to bring out the digital paintbrushes. Continuing our dedication to your users’ satisfaction with the product, we turn our focus to the product’s interface design. Our team knows that the graphic design of an application is a crucial element of its functionality, demanding a visual experience that is fully integrated with its operations. We build upon the product’s digital blueprint to create an aesthetic that is not only pleasing, but gives the product’s users clear direction by improving its usability.



Experience your app the way your users soon will. Once we have fleshed out all the elements of your product’s design, we bring them together into a mockup that is the ultimate transformation of your ideas into a real, clickable and interactive prototype of your product. Here we assess what works and what still needs work. We play with the product and we stress-test it to make sure it can handle everything your users will want it to do.
Then we are ready to build it, together.

Final Output


Leo C.

We came with high expectations, and GT exceeded them all. That’s what they're known for, and they lived up to their reputation. We’ll definitely be using their site for all our development needs.

Max Wesley

CEO, Amparo International
I considered myself extremely lucky to have the pleasure to work with Alan and his team on UI/UX mobile app. The project had a very tight deadline, and he was extremely quick to have everything up and running from understanding the concept, to identifying what needs to be done first to show the investors, and to delivering a fantastic end results on time.

Luis Clarke

4Sight Technologies
Hiring GT to design all my UI/UX is one of the best decisions I've made during my development cycle. Will definitely hire him again.